Art School Incursions Adelaide

I work quite regularly as an Artist in Residence within schools in a classroom environment with all year levels. Instead of students participating in an excursion, it has become incredibly popular and more preferred by the students to have an Art School Incursion Workshop come to them instead.

I provide hour long masterclass sessions on a topic that either the students have chosen or is a part of their ongoing curriculum and provide all materials necessary for them to create their masterpieces. I run the classes in way that ignites their imagination, creativity and exploration of artistic textures and techniques.

I am also available to run Art Workshops for OSHC during the School Holidays for all ages. I have had the pleasure to be invited to teach students from the following schools: St Brigids College & OSHC, Trinity College, Gawler OSHC, Gawler East Primary School OSHC, My OHSC Prescott,  Blakeview Primary School & OSHC. Examples of the Art Work produced by my students can be found on my Art Classes page.

Ann Shannon Art School - Art School Incursions Classroom 1

Ann Shannon Art School - Ann Shannon Art School - Art School Incursions Work By Students

Ann Shannon Art School - Art School Incursions Classroom

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