Ann’s Art Classes For Kids explore different styles and methods each week which encourage every child to not only diversify their artistic skills but build on those that they are naturally talented at. The range of art types we explore include (but are not limited to) are:

  • Realism, Impressionism,
  • Abstract, Contemporary,
  • Portraiture, Pointillism,
  • Sculpture and Cartooning.

Artistic techniques that are taught include:

  • Forward Planning, Brush Techniques,
  • Understanding Materials & Tools,
  • Composition, Perspective,
  • Tone, Depth,
  • Texture, Layering,
  • Blending and Problem Solving.

This diversification of art mediums and techniques builds knowledge and develops skills so that students can confidently take on any art task in the future, using their signature style and strengths.


Just look at the amazing art work created by our junior students below.

See the Art Class Timetable for available session times.

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